Etna Marathon 2019


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Marathon / Gran fondo / Escursione

  • € 35,00
    For the first 100 entries *
  • € 38,00
    For the entries 101 to 200 *
  • € 40,00
    For the entries 201 to 500 * or until May 31st *
  • € 45,00
    Registration deadline august 31st, 2019 *
  • € 50,00
    Registration deadline September 12th, 2019 *
  • € 60,00
    Registration deadline September 13th, 2019 in Milo *

* The entry fee depends on the date of payment and not the date of registration. For example, by registering on the 25/05/2019 and paying on the 15/07/2019 the entry fee will be €50, not €40.



  • Online: September 12th, 2019 11:59 pm
  • In loco: September 13th, 2019 8:00 pm
  • Maximum 1.000 entries



  • By credit card or PayPal on line just after the registration finalization, or by link in registration confirmation email, or by Entry verification.
  • Bank transfer to:
    Banco Popolare – Ag. San Gregorio (CT)
    IBAN:  IT49E0503484200 000000004669
    made out to ASD Mongibello Mtb Team


K-factor (Only F.C.I. menbers)

FCI members must also register through the K-factor ( through their sports club membership, otherwise registration will not be accepted.

Marathon race ID: 148561
Gran fondo race ID: 148563

Registration data

M    F
Please note that bikers who are not registered with a sporting body are not allowed to race in the "Marathon" course.
Registered with a cycling body:  
Not registered:  
  As a non-registered cyclist, I am aware that I will only be able to take part in the race by submitting a certificate of health/fitness issued by a doctor or general practitioner for non-agonistic cycling practice.
Combined registration Etna Marathon/Sila Epic. For only €65, you'll have the chance to take part in two of the most fascinating national and international competitions.
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